Except if you have been keeping away from the web throughout the past 10 years or something like that, and are simply arising now to peruse an article about a Funko Pop, you know about the Homer Simpson Backs Into Bushes GIF image. It started with a scene in a 1994 episode of The Simpsons named “Homer Loves Flanders” in which Homer creepily maneuvers into the brambles after Flanders uncovers that he has “family as it were” plans for the afternoon. The image changed the second into a response to the shame and ungainliness that large numbers of us experience on a close to consistent schedule. This famous scene has now been changed into a Funko Pop that each The Simpsons fan requirements to have in their assortment. It’s a genuinely surprising plan for Funko as a rule, which makes it extra fascinating. Likewise, The Homer in Hedges Funko Pop is an Entertainment Earth elite that you can get here for $13.99 with a delivery date set for July.

Note that Entertainment Earth is without offering transporting on all orders $39+ when you utilize the code SPRINGFREE22 at checkout, so you should look at their whole Funko setup, particularly their other image Funko Pop special features, which incorporate Spider-Man Impostor and This Is Fine Dog. The Homer Simpson Backs Into the Bushes Funko Pop follows another memetastic The Simpsons figure of Stupid Sexy Flanders which sent off as a Hot Topic elite last year. It’s right now accessible here on eBay in the $30 territory.