Bakugan Toys

The Ultimate Viloch Bakugan Toys will dominate the Bakugan arena! There are 6 exclusive individual Geogan, a Gold Core Viloch, 6 ability cards, 2 BakuCores, a Gate-Card, and a character card in the Ultimate Viloch. Build the Ultimate Viloch by combining the 6 Geogan and Gold Core Viloch. Get ready for the most epic transformation ever! You’ll be able to face off against seven exclusive Bakugan characters from Bakugan Geogan Rising: Viloch, Sky Horse, Amphrog, Swarmer, Ghost Beast, Babadrill, and Insectra. See a Geogan transform into a fierce creature when you drop it onto a Gate-Card! Become stronger than ever with the Ultimate Viloch Bakugan! Defend your territory with your exclusive Viloch Bakugan! Pop-open transformations and gold details make it stand out! Drop your Bakugan over the BakuCores for pop-open Baku-Action. Using the included 6 ability cards, 1 Gate-Card, and 1 character card, you can level up your Bakugan. Be a Bakugan Master and defeat your opponents! Adding the 7-in-1 Ultimate Viloch to your Bakugan toys original collection is a must! Bakugan Brawl is here!

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