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Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha had Itachi as their first child. His early childhood was marked by violence: when he was four, the Third Shinobi World War raged, and he saw many of the war’s casualties first-hand. At such a young age, Itachi was traumatised by death and destruction, making him a pacifist, leading him to train non-stop in an effort to eradicate fighting from the world by becoming a ninja among ninjas. At age 5, after becoming a big brother to Sasuke, Itachi was approached by Shisui, who offered to train together. Soon, the two became best friends, forming a brother-like bond as they continued to teach the other new tricks. He was home alone when the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked Sasuke, rescued Mikoto from falling debris by Itachi, and sought shelter with Izumi in the anime.
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578 Itachi – Alliance Entertainment

1027 Anbu Itachi – Chalice
1027 Anbu Itachi Chase – Chalice

1022 Itachi with Crows – BoxLunch

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