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Fatgum Funko PopBuy Fatgum Funko Pop figures at Pop Shelf! Taishiro is a big, round man in his fat form who towers over other adults. With this form, he has a large mouth and a small nose, which together with his odd body proportions give him an odd appearance. His body adapts conventional proportions after he burns through his fat, revealing he is quite muscular.

As part of his hero costume, he wears black pants and an orange zippered hood with his alias, Fat Gum, written with a clear F,G, and an inverted F across the front. Additionally, he wears gloves, metallic boots, and a mask that covers his eyes and forehead.

Compared to My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, which takes place several years ago, his costume is basically the same, except the initials of his alias are written with only black letters. Additionally, he wears dark forearm guards.