Among Us Crewmate Figures | 8 Among Us Toys Out of 16 Collectibles in 1 Box | Among Us Merch Incl. The Peeled and The Clogged | 2 Hidden Impostors | Mini Toys with 5 Add’l Hats


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  • GET 8 AMONG US FIGURES AT ONCE. These are small toys representing the game’s characters, including the Peeled, the dead body (report it!), the purple impostor (beware of the tongue!), and two unknown extras! The five additional hats include the Knighted, the Cap-tain, and the Floaty Flamingo—and they’re just like in the game! The blister package playfully hides two Among Us toy pieces in it from you—to remind you that there’re always impostors among us. Find out who the impostors are this time!
  • AMONG US GIFTS WITH THE TOTAL OF 16 FOR YOU TO COLLECT. Find all these Among Us toys for boys and girls including the four rarities: the purple Punkin head, the cyan Floaty Flamingo head, the red Chop-chop head, and the lime one wearing the Great Goalie (the Jason mask?)—and he’s running! Two of the characters in each deluxe box are hidden impostors whom you can’t see before you open the pack, so the whole deal with collecting this AmongUs stuff turns into a real quest. Collect them all!
  • USE THE TOYS AS AMONG US PARTY SUPPLIES. For parents and kids, toys can work as both party décor and entertainment as they bring a mood and a theme to a party and invite children to an activity—just play with them! These Among Us toys for kids can inspire them to have an offline match or two of their own and find the impostor. Throw a simple Among Us party or even an Among Us birthday party with this Among Us stuff, and hear your kids happily shout “Emergency Meeting!” now and then.
  • GENUINE AMONG US TOYS LICENSED BY THE GAME’S DEVELOPERS. P.M.I., the manufacturer of these mini toys, is licensed by InnerSloth, the company that created Among Us. The kids’ toys are authentic-looking and in line with the game’s original style. Minimalistic as they are, these Among Us party favors show the producer’s great attention to detail, like the 5 accessories included in the deluxe box. Spark your children’s interest in the game, or reward them if they’re already fans.
  • PERFECT AS AMONG US GIFTS. A whole pack of Among Us merch is a great gift idea, especially if your or your friends’ children have tried out and liked the game. The pack will also come in handy if you’re looking for simple Among Us birthday party supplies, and it can even be used as Among Us birthday decorations. Get the right pack to help a young enthusiast complete their collection or start one from scratch. Perhaps, an adult AmongUs small toys collector will appreciate the gift, too.
Brand P.M.I.
Age Range (Description) Kid
Style AU2270-B
Collection Name All
Theme Gift, Party, Birthday

Get a whole box of Among Us figures to play with, start a collection, or throw an AmongUs theme party!

Various selections of crewmates:
●8 figures in 1 deluxe box
●5 accessories included
●2 figures are hidden (the impostors!): open the pack to find out which characters those are
●the figures come in different colors and with different hats
●one figure is the purple impostor with sharp teeth and the tongue sticking out
●you can even find the dead body (report it!)

✔ These mini toys are collectibles:
●collect the total of 16 characters
●find the characters wearing the coolest new and classic hats: the Vi King, the Peeled, the Clogged, and the Rammed
●find the four rarest crewmates: the crewmate wearing the Punkin (purple), the one wearing the Floaty Flamingo (cyan), the one wearing the Chop-chop (red), and the running one wearing the Great Goalie (or the Jason mask?) (lime)
●two figures in each pack are hidden, so collecting them is a quest!
✔ Use these toys as Among Us party decorations and supplies
●kids love to play with these Among Us toys / figures together
●inspire children to have offline matches, figuring out which one is the impostor


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