Marvel Legends Wolverine (Unmasked Variant) 5 Inch Action Figure Series VI


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Brand Marvel
Theme Movies
Toy figure type Action Figure
Material Metal
Cartoon Character Marvel 

Little is known of his past. Long ago, he trained as a samurai in Japan; later, he became Weapon X, an operative for the Canadian governmen. Today, Logan is an X-Man-using his animal-keen senses, healing factor and razor-sharp claws to help protect a world that fears and hates mutants! Wolverine’s senses enable him to track people and objets with an impressive degree of success. His accelerated healing factor allows him to survine wounds that would prove fatal to most humans and mutants. Wolverine’s skeleton has been bonded with the indestructible metal Adamantium. Also, he possesses Adamantium-laced, retractable claws housed in his forearms. At will, he can release them through the skin on the back of each hand.


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