Sailor Moon Funko Pop

Buy Sailor Moon Funko Pop for Sale with Pop Shelf! This is the first release of a Pop! Vinyl figure based on the manga series Sailor Moon. universe. As with most Funko Pop figures, the options in Sailor Moon feature the typical Pop! design. Fans of the show should recognize each character. Many of the Sailor Moon subjects are available, including the title character and the black cat (Luna). Sailor Venus also has a feline companion (Artemis). A 2017 New York Comic Con exclusive Sailor V is also available, along with Sailor Moon and Luna covered in glitter.

Toys R Us has exclusives for Queen Beryl and Barnes and Noble has exclusives for Sailor Chibi Moon in glitter. Sailor Pluto, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn are also included in the Funko Pop Sailor Moon collection. Several countries have licensed the Sailor Moon franchise. There is also a popular cartoon reboot based on the series called Sailor Moon Crystal. Many of the characters can also be found in the Funko Sailor Moon Mystery Minis set.
Sailor Moon Funko Pop Checklist
Wave 1
89 Sailor Moon & Luna
89 Sailor Moon & Luna Glitter – Calendar Club
90 Sailor Moon w/ Moon Stick & Luna – Hot Topic
91 Sailor Mercury
92 Sailor Mars
93 Sailor Jupiter
94 Sailor Venus & Artemis
95 Tuxedo Mask
267 Sailor V – 2017 NYCC

Wave 2
293 Queen Beryl – Toys R Us
295 Sailor Chibi Moon
295 Sailor Chibi Moon Glitter – B&N
296 Sailor Pluto
297 Sailor Uranus
298 Sailor Neptune
299 Sailor Saturn
331 Super Sailor Moon – BoxLunch
368 Black Lady – 2018 SDCC
Neo Queen Serenity, Small Lady, King Endymion – Hot Topic

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