Godzilla Funko Pop

With Funko Pop Godzilla, the king of monsters takes center stage. The Pop! The Movies release offers a variety of options for the iconic sea creature, including several exclusives and even a few figures commemorating the 15th anniversary of the 1998 film. All Funko Pop Godzilla options come in 6″ Super-Sized Pop! 

As well as the primary figure, the lineup includes a glow-in-the-dark Godzilla variant from PX Previews, which emphasizes the beast’s atomic breath. Meanwhile, the Burning Godzilla edition is black and red/orange, and exclusive to GTS Distribution. In addition, Toy Tokyo issued two exclusives at the 2015 New York Comic Con honoring the 1998 Godzilla cinematic release. Among these is the black-and-white Godzilla, which is really not much different from the main coloring except the inside of the mouth is dark gray rather than red. The second NYCC 2015 exclusive in Funko Pop Godzilla is the infamous Godzilla Ghost. This Pop! version also glows in the dark. The 2021 blockbuster film Godzilla vs. Kong provides many more choices.
Godzilla Funko Pop Checklist
239 Godzilla 6″
239 Godzilla Atomic Breath GITD 6″ – PX Previews
239 Godzilla Black & White 6″ – 2015 NYCC
239 Godzilla Ghost GITD 6″ – 2015 NYCC
239 Godzilla Burning 6″ – GTS
239 Godzilla B&W 6″ w/ Purple – BAM!

Godzilla vs. Kong
1015 Godzilla 10″
1015 Neon City Godzilla 10″ – Walmart
1017 Godzilla
1018 Heat Ray Godzilla
1018 Heat Ray Godzilla GITD – FYE
1019 Mechagodzilla
Mechagodzilla GITD – FunkoShop
Godzilla & Kong 2-Pack – BAM!

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