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Tony Stark, the billionaire playboy alter ego for Iron Man, may not possess superhuman powers, but that does not matter to him. He builds flying super-armor suits to protect civilians with his intelligence and wealth. There are multiple versions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Iron Man figures that showcase these marvelous suits in great detail. As a starting point, the first Funko Pop Iron Man figure appears to be inspired by one of Stark’s earlier suits, with a rounder head and less chiseled body. Numbered as part of the main Pop! Marvel line, this edition has a Blue Stealth variant exclusive to the 2014 Rhode Island Comic Con.

The first movie-related Iron Man figure is found in Funko Pop The Avengers, even though the original Iron Man film launched the MCU. Pop! figures were released in response to the release of Iron Man 3 figures, but most of them centered on War Machine/Iron Patriot. The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con also featured an exclusive for Tony Stark, as well as a Mark 42 version of Iron Man.

The “Golden As part of Captain America: Civil War, Funko Pop Iron Man figures will also be available for the “Golden Avenger.”Spider-Man: Homecoming offers a few Tony Stark editions, and the lone Iron Man option comes as a combo pack. There are all those Avengers movies you may have heard about, as well, including the set for Avengers: Endgame.
Iron Man Funko Pop Checklist
Pop! Marvel
04 Iron Man
04 Blue Stealth Iron Man – 2014 RICC
238 Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #39) – MCC
258 Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #40) Gold – MCC
558 Iron Man Model 39 GITD – AAA Anime
649 Iron Man Black Light – Target
674 Iron Man Wood Deco – Entertainment Earth
677 Infamous Iron Man GITD – 2020 Halloween ComicFest
680 Iron Hammer GITD – Walgreens
Ad Icons
29 Geoffrey as Iron Man – 2018 Fan Expo
11 Iron Man (Mark VII)
584 Avengers Assemble Iron Man – Amazon
Avengers Age of Ultron
66 Iron Man Mark 43
94 Iron Man Unmasked – Amazon
94 Iron Man Unmasked – 2015 Pop Asia/Filbar’s
Avengers Infinity War
285 Iron Man
285 Iron Man Gold Chrome – Popcultcha
285 Iron Man Red Chrome – Target
294 Hulkbuster 6″
304 Iron Man Unmasked – FYE
306 Hulk 6″ Hulkbuster – GameStop
380 Iron Man (Light Up) – Walgreens
Avengers Endgame
449 Tony Stark
449 Tony Stark w/ cards – Entertainment Earth
449 Tony Stark GITD – Target
467 Iron Man – BoxLunch
529 Iron Man – 2019 NYCC
580 Iron Man Deluxe GITD – PX Previews
Civil War
126 Iron Man
136 Iron Man Unmasked – Hot Topic
Iron Man 3
23 Iron Man (Mark 42)
26 Deep Space Suit
32 Tony Stark – 2013 SDCC
Games Marvel Gamerverse
626 Iron Man
634 Iron Man – Target
Marvel 80 Years
498 Iron Man Patina – Target
Marvel Studios
338 Iron Man Mark I – 2018 SDCC
361 Whiplash vs. Iron Man (Movie Moments) – MCC
375 Iron Man Gold Chrome
Spider-Man: Homecoming
225 Tony Stark Holding Helmet – 2017 SDCC
226 Tony Stark
365 Venomized Iron Man
Conan O’Brien
27 Conan as Iron Man – 2019 SDCC
Freddy Funko
12 Freddy Funko (Iron Man) Metallic – 2012 SDCC
Combo Packs
Morgan Stark & Tony Stark GITD – PIAB
Captain America / Iron Man – FYE
Captain America / Iron Man Action – MCC
Iron Man / Spider-Man – Target
Captain America / Iron Man / Hawkeye / Spider-Man
Captain America / Iron Man / Agent 13 / Black Panther / Crossbones – Europe Disney

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